Step 1: Find your Car on

Go to and find your desired vehicle by searching for year, make, and model. You can also search by using the “Find a Vehicle” section on the right hand side of the page to look for specific years and types of vehicles. There are not only cars and trucks- but RV’s, motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment and more! Narrow down your search by using a zip code or other ways like damage type, title (clean or salvage etc). You can also search for “Buy it Now” vehicles with no waiting for an auction! On Buy Now vehicles we can get it for you right away if it is still available! Once you find a vehicle just return to to place your deposit.

So how do I know if we win?

On regular auction vehicles, some will have a reserve price set by the seller and some will not. Those that say “Pure Sale” under the sale type will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. If it does not say "Pure Sale" it means the seller has set a reserve price, and they have until close of business the next business day to decide whether to release the vehicle or relist it, or possibly counter your high bid. We will contact you if they are trying to counterbid, in order to get your approval before submitting another bid on your behalf.

Step 2: Order an Inspection

This step is optional but highly recommended- you want to be sure of the extent of damages and relying on photos alone is often not enough peace of mind. We are the only broker that also can do inspections. The fee is $150 and can possibly save you from much more expensive headaches in the future. At most locations we require minimum 3 days notice before a sale date in order to schedule an inspection. If your vehicle is less than 3 days from sale, call or email to see if it can still be inspected in time. You have the option of receiving a phone call directly from the inspector when he is onsite, or an email report. If we are unable to reach you by phone on inspection day we will leave a message to callback.

If you do not call back while inspector is still onsite we will email a summary of findings. We will NOT be able to go back onsite if you call back too late. Note: international customers cannot receive a call, your report will be emailed. you must be located in the USA with a USA based phone in order to receive a call. Click below to pay for an inspection:

Step 3: Make a Deposit on A-to-Z Salvage

In order to bid for you, we require a 10% deposit of your max bid by credit card. This is a security deposit and does not go towards the purchase price of the vehicle if you win. However it will be used to pay for a relist fee if you do not follow through with payment. This deposit is refunded once you have paid for and picked up your vehicle. The deposit is also refunded if we lose or the seller does not approve our high bid. You have 6 calendar days from your win to pickup. After 6 days you must pay a $40/day storage fee. Click below to make your Bid Deposit. Based upon your bid deposit, we will know the maximum to bid at auction.

Step 4: Pay for your vehicle

If you are notified that you are the winning bidder, you have 2 business days from end of auction to make your payment in full including auction fees and our broker fee. Payments are made by wire transfer only (secure funds transfer). You will receive an email with wire transfer instructions. This is the auction’s preferred method of payment. We do not accept credit/debit cards, money orders, or cashier’s checks for this part of the process. There is no financing. You must have your funds to pay in full for the vehicle. If you take longer than 2 business days to pay there is a $50 per day late fee. If you do not make payment in full within 7 days, the auction will relist the vehicle and you will lose your deposit in full. There are no exceptions.

What are the fees to buy a vehicle?

We charge a flat fee of $200 per vehicle, with a $99 title processing fee that covers the paperwork and mailing. The auction fees are separate and are dependent on bid amount. Call or email for a quote and we can tell you what your “Out-the-door” total will be.

Step 5: Pickup your Vehicle

You have 6 calendar days to pick up your vehicle from the date of award. If you are unable to pick it up yourself, call or email us and we will make a recommendation of transport companies who may be able to help. You are responsible for securing insurance on your vehicle once you have paid for it. Be sure to pick up on time to avoid the $40/day storage fees.

What about my title?

The auction will mail us the title since we are the broker- we simply sign it over to you upon receipt and then mail it to you with a tracking number. Generally, you should receive your title within 30 days or less, however please allow up to 60 days for processing.

Step 6: Read the “Terms and Conditions”

UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEORE YOU BID By using this website and/or the services of A to Z salvage via phone call or email, you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions: which include the following: Inspection fees are nonrefundable and there is no guarantee of transmission on any vehicle due to no test drives allowed, only start and move in gear is allowed at auction. By ordering an inspection, you agree that you have an opportunity to ask any and all pertinent questions at time of inspection and we are not responsible for missing or damaged parts upon your receipt of the vehicle as we have no control over auction security. You will not receive a refund for cancellations. All vehicles require a 10% security deposit of your desired maximum bid. The 10% security deposit is nonrefundable if you fail to make timely payment for any auction purchase, which is 7 days from award. Vehicles not paid for within 2 business days from award will incur a $50/day late payment fee for each day after 2 days. Vehicles not removed within 6 days from award will be charged a $40/day storage fee and title will not be sent until all fees have been paid via wire transfer. Security deposits may be made by credit card. Vehicle payments may be made by wire transfer only, no other form of payment is accepted. Allow up to 60 days for title transfer. Buyer is responsible for proper loading and transport of their vehicles. Vehicles not picked up within 30 days from award will be relisted and your payment will be forfeited. You also agree to hold harmless A to Z salvage, its owner and employees, and its subcontractors from any and all legal proceedings with respect to the services provided herein. All vehicles are sold as is where is with no warranty expressed or implied. Auction fees and our broker fees are subject to change without notice.